Essential -- A Documentary about America's Working Class and the Challenge of Income Inequality

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"Essential" is a documentary film that exposes the extreme economic vulnerability that income inequality has created for millions of working class Americans. Viewed through the lens of the Southwest Carpenters Union, and featuring numerous experts, the film examines how unionization in the 20th Century created the largest middle class in the history of the planet, but union demise in the 21st Century has created income inequality that is reaching levels not seen since the Great Depression.

Made by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Jack Baric and producers Matt Heller and Heather Rutman, the film includes interviews with thought leaders such as Senator Alex Padilla, Father Greg Boyle, Governor Steve Sisolak, Heidi Shierholz, Saru Jayaraman, Manuel Pastor, Arlie Hochschild, Kent Wong, Andrew Winnick, Danny Feingold, Amber Sheikh, and Carpenters Union leaders Pete Rodriguez, Frank Hawk, Dan Langford, and Anthony Fagan.
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