Roman Legions vs Russian Army - Logistics, Training, and Corruption DOCUMENTARY

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A comparison of the Roman Legions vs the Russian Army. Claim your SPECIAL OFFER for MagellanTV here: Start your free trial TODAY so you can watch "Sigurd Bjornson: Viking Exile" about the historical roots of the Kievan Rus and the rest of MagellanTV’s documentary collection:

In this history documentary we compare Rome vs Russia with regards to the following military topics:
Casus Belli : 05:04
Logistics : 11:02
Training : 16:52
Corruption : 21:51

The video begins by pointing out that while the Roman Army and the Russian Army are not directly comparable there are many parallels to be drawn with regards to general trends. Each section of the video is dedicated to exploring these relative comparisons which can help with the Ukraine War Explained.

The discussion is preempted by a necessary focus on the human cost of war which should be kept in mind in all studies of military history. Once this has been made clear we turn to the Casus Belli and compare the causes of war over the centuries. Next we discuss logistics, training, and corruption and how failures along these fronts can cripple military campaigns. Many more topics could potentially be discussed when it comes to how Ukraine won the First Phase of the War but that will have to be discussed another time.

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Research = Chris Das Neves
Script = Invicta
Narration = Invicta
Artwork = Penta Limited

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