She Witnessed Her Parent’s Murder | Suzane Von Richthofen | True Crime Documentary 2023

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Suzane Von Richthofen was a normal young girl, but the crimes she would eventually commit would leave investigators shocked. Suzane would meet Daniel Cravinhos de Paula e Silva and hire him to commit one of the darkest crimes that Sao Paulo, Brazil has ever seen. This true crime documentary from 2023 will give you chills. Disturbing investigations like this are often not solved years later.

My name is Ty Notts and I'm a freelance cold case detective who investigates unsolved mysteries and unexplained crimes. Here on True Crime Stories, I cover true crime cases you've never heard of. I also post new true crime documentaries each week, so follow for more! Mysterious scary stories like this are sure to leave you baffled when you hear about what this scary person has done.

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