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TJ has style, charm and intelligence. His father is serving a long jail sentence. Determined to avoid the same fate, TJ is working hard at school and developing a thriving business customising sneakers, but one moment of madness throws his future into sudden doubt.

With his school basketball career behind him, and with no sign of a college scholarship, Rendull is struggling to face up to his responsibilities, including the upcoming birth of his daughter. Can some tough love from his mum help him to step up to the plate in time for the big family baby shower?

As spring semester comes to an end, cheerleader Vernon makes an impulsive decision, and school principal Dr Peters is driven to breaking point by some outrageous student behaviour.

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Real Stories Tapes: True Crime is a brand new podcast hosted by Emmy-nominated TV host and true-crime obsessive Stephanie Bauer (Searching For...). It takes some of the most popular true-crime documentaries on your Real Stories channel and transforms them into riveting audio, meaning you can enjoy them wherever you listen to your podcasts.

From AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL EP3: Six-part documentary series filmed over the course of one year following the staff and students at a predominantly African-American high school in South Carolina.

5th episode coming out on Real Stories soon.

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