The Battle of Stalingrad: Jul 1942 - Feb 1943 | World War II Documentary

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With the onset of Spring 1942, the war in the east was ready to begin again but the problem of supplies particularly of oil was forever a worry for the German High Command and so they planned for an offensive that if successful would not only alleviate their fuel shortage but also deny the Soviets their own fuel stocks. Part of that plan involved a city on the edge of the Volga River in eastern Ukraine. This city formerly known as Volgagrad had since been bestowed with the name of the Soviet leader himself and while few people before the war knew it even existed, in the decades since its name has adorned almost every history book as an example of what occurs when two powerful forces clash and refuse to submit to the other. This is the story of the Battle for Stalingrad. Welcome to Wars of the World.

0:00 Introduction
2:38 The German 6th Army
8:37 "Fall Blau"
16:33 The Offensive Begins
22:03 The Division of Army Group South
27:27 Not One Step Back
45:34 A Cold Snap!
55:40 A Winter Storm
1:04:16 The Tightening Noose
1:09:38 Aftermath

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