THE DESIRE TO LIVE: Harav, Artsakh DOCUMENTARY (Armenian with English subtitles) S2E9

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We met another refugee from Baku pogroms, who became a refugee again after the 2020 war resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Shushi where her family lived, now lives in Harav (Armenian: Հարավ), a village in Askeran, Artsakh. She recalls the horrors of pogroms against Armenians and how they were forced to flee the violence, how her aunt was brutally murdered trying to save her son. And after that unimaginable terror arriving in Artsakh to only witness 3 more wars and become a refugee again and lose even more family members.
Today she says: "May my people live in peace! We may have to cut one bread in half, we may face difficulties, but we wish to live on our native land and be independent."
A local resident of Harav talks to us about what peace means for him, how he only wishes to live in Artsakh. He recalls the times when his best friend was an Azeri boy. After the recent Azeri war crimes, he says that he can't imagine coexistence like before again. Yet all he wants is peace and grieves the loss of life this war caused, but recognizes the current situation as very tense.
A young man told us what it was like to go through the 2020 war from the moment it began, how his family thought he had died, and how he saw 70% of his battalion die, his friend shot in front of his eyes, 2 trucks with 40 soldiers burning alive before he stepped into one of them. He says that he struggles a lot now because of what he had to witness and when the war ended he didn't know how he was supposed to continue living afterward. But adds: "Then I realized that so many people had died for us to live in our native land. And it is because of their sacrifice that I am here today and able to speak with you."
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Meet the team:
Director & Writer — Mariam Avetisyan
Producer — Peter Bahlawanian
Cinematographer — Tigran Gasparyan
Editor — Mariam Avetisyan
Music —Arev Music
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