The Falador Massacre - RuneScape Documentary

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June 6 2006 is a date burned into the minds of every RuneScape player. What should have been a day of joy and elation at Cursed You's House Party for becoming the first person to 99 Construction turned into one of fear and terror once the fresh hiscore-topper expelled several hundred players from their house.

No one was safe as open world PVP - the deadliest glitch RuneScape had ever seen - saw people struck down from Rimmington to Falador, and even Edgeville. This is the story of the most famous event in RuneScape history. This is the story of Cursed You... and Durial321.

00:00: Introduction
02:21: Chapter 1: The Construction King
12:41: Chapter 2: The House Guest
18:41: Chapter 3: The Bug
25:40: Chapter 4: Massacre
41:11: Chapter 5: Emergency in Cambridge
45:15: Chapter 6: The Aftermath


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Music by Jagex (Player-made library)

Outro artwork by Hyper Stan
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