The Families That Spend A Fortune Each Week On Groceries! | Full Documentary | Big Families

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How does a family with more mouths to feed than days in the week budget their weekly shop!?

In this British TV documentary, we follow some of the UK's largest families and ask the big questions about how these supersize households manage.

In this episode:

The Hamlins, are determined not to take government handouts. Dad works, mum stays at home and does the odd job and they budget fiercely to stay afloat. In their opinion, it was their choice to have 12 children so it is their responsibility to look after them. And while they do collect child support and working family tax credits, neither of them has ever claimed income support, disability benefit or housing benefit. They are determined to set a good example for their children and that means paying for everything themselves. To save money, they live relatively frugally, cook all of their food from scratch, buy in bulk and don’t spend on anything that isn’t a necessity. If this means that the kids don’t get pocket money, have to make do with hand me downs and have never been abroad then so what? They all have enough to eat and are cared for as well as any other children. They hate the fact that the media are determined to portray large families as sponging whiners who have had numerous children precisely so that they don’t have to work and are determined to never fall into that trap. But do the children feel the same? And is it fair to deprive them of the Xboxes, trainers, pocket money and trips to the cinema that they see all of their friends enjoying? Or at the end of the day is a loving family all that really matters?

Next we will meet a family who hold a very different set of beliefs, The Watsons. They are a single parent family of 15, living in council accommodation and survive solely on benefits. The mum believes that she is performing an important role in raising the next generation and doesn’t think that she conforms to the typical portrayal of a large family - yes they live in a council house and she doesn’t work but the government handouts aren’t squandered on flat screen TVs and vodka, it all goes on the kids. She maintains that even if she worked, she would be worse off as paying for childcare would cost more than she could earn. In her opinion why go to work to pay for someone to look after her kids when she can just cut out the middle man and do it herself. She is currently petitioning the council for a bigger house as they are all living on top of each other. But if they are given one she expects a backlash from the local press and community, something that she is desperate to protect her kids from.

Finally we meet the Hanns. A family of 14 that live in Dundee and keep a close family spirit through their practice of Mormonism. To Mum Emma, having a child taken away from her at 18 when she was too young to have a real voice in the matter, has made her grateful to have as many children as she can. Money isn’t easy for them with dad working long shifts and mums whole day being spent washing the kids clothes, but they more than make up for it with love. They also have a few tricks of the trade to get them by, who needs 14 pork chops when you can just buy the whole pig!

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