The Roman Centurion: the Backbone of the Roman Army DOCUMENTARY

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00:00 Channel intro
00:10 Intro
00:44 Army overview
01:27 Command structure
03:30 Promotion to centurion
05:16 Importance of the position
06:50 Leader of a century
08:10 Discipline
10:20 Rewards
11:37 In combat
13:32 Other roles
14:34 Construction supervisor
15:12 Special operations
15:55 Police officer
16:41 Tax collector
17:24 Diplomat
18:19 Outro

The Roman army was absolutely essential for the Roman empire, not just in a military sense but much more than that; it was often the only representation of Roman authority abroad, of which the centurion was the most common representation. Therefore the job of centurion entailed much more than simply leading a unit of soldiers. Centurions were employed in many other ways. How? Find out in this video!

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Music: Rome Total War 1 Jeff van Dyck
Rome Total War 2 Richard Beddow
Adrian von Ziegler

Graphic design: German Reber

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