Units of History - Roman Cataphracts (1st-5th Century) DOCUMENTARY

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An animated history documentary on the Cataphracts of the Roman Army. Signup for your FREE trial to Wondrium here: http://ow.ly/C2y830s6YJP

This Units of History episode turns our attention to the evolution of super-heavy cavalry units which would eventually give birth to the Medieval knight. However their development throughout antiquity would take place across many centuries and many civilizations. Multiple episodes will be required to discuss each of these. For now, we deal specifically with the Roman Army Cataphracts of the 1st to 5th century AD.

What other Units of History should we cover next?

Research: Sophia Ware
Writing: Sophia Ware
Narration: Guy Michaels
Artwork: Penta Limited
Editing: Penta Limited

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